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Let Me Introduce Myself

Hello! My name is Lexie. I am a calf manager for my better half’s family farm. My job is to raise the calves from just a few days old to two months of age. I find both pride and joy in my work and the life I have built for myself. So much so I want to share this journey with you. I started as a content creator on TikTok. You might know my moo-related content from @Justagirlwholoveshermoos.

Over the last year and a half, I found my passion for sharing the real and raw of the day-to-day of being a cattle farmer through the community I have built on TikTok.

I’ve discovered I am not the only one who enjoys talking all things moos and for that reason, it is my mission to create a platform to connect with my audience freely where I can share my passion, thoughts, and experiences, with moo enthusiasts and other produces who are looking to take their calf raising game to the next level.

When you sign up as a member, you can join conversations, follow posts, upload media, leave comments, and be notified of any new activity in discussions your following.

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